“I like these a lot. The value for the money is great too. Hubbie and I took these to the range and we put three up each...that lasted us the entire three hours and several hundred rounds each. I like the different sized targets and the material is pretty thick...feeling almost like a thin vinyl. Easy to see the hits from pretty far away. Will definitely buy more of these when this supply runs low.” Monique D’ Amore

“Excellent product, highly visible splatters. Works as well as other brands at a lower cost and still made in the USA. These do not have an adhesive back, and as a result they are much easier to get off the backer. Just tape the 4 corners and cut the tape to remove, no peeling or pasting over multiple target.”- Christopher J

“I really like these targets. They are a nice thick paper so when shooting at an outdoor range the wind won't tear them off your staples. Indoor they won't flap around either. The shots show up nice and make sighting in an optic much easier. I would recommend these much higher than the comparable targets with the white background.” - Justin T

“Multiple targets allow multiple sessions without the need to post another target. Easy to see shots even at a distance.” Chad Anderson

“These are really nice targets. They came packaged well and really work for seeing your shots at the range. I use them everywhere from 7 yards to 15 to 25 to 50 to 100 yards for both rifle and pistol. Even at the longer ranges the hits are easy to see through a spotting scope.” - DWF

“Having five targets on one sheet saves time and money.” -Joe

“Just the right size for target practice and the splatter effect is very visible. I will buy more of these.” - Livaudias

“These are really nice targets, I would have thought for the money they were going to be thinner paper but I got these set up at 50 and 100yds, they have been through numerous rain storms and still hold up and work. These are a good buy.” - Kurt

“I use these for shooting .223 at 100y with various combinations of reloaded ammo. They sure save a lot of steps down range to check and change the target.” - Will